• How to Pipette Small Volumes with Handheld Manual Pipettes

    When pipetting volumes from 0.2 to 5 µL, pipetting accuracy and precision is of utmost importance a good pipetting technique is essential because handling mistakes are more obvious with small volumes. As more focus is being placed on reducing reagents and costs, smaller volumes are in high dema...
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  • COVID-19 Testing Microplate

    COVID-19 Testing Microplate

    COVID-19 Testing Microplate ACE Biomedical has introduced a new 2.2-mL 96 deep-well plate and 96 tip combs they are fully compatible with the Thermo Scientific KingFisher range of nucleic acid purification systems. These systems are reported to drastically reduce processing time and increase prod...
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  • The In Vitro Diagnosis (IVD) Analysis

    The IVD industry can be divided into five sub-sections: biochemical diagnosis, immunodiagnosis, blood cell testing, molecular diagnosis, and POCT. 1. Biochemical diagnosis 1.1 Definition and classification Biochemical products are used in a detection system composed of biochemical analyzers, bioc...
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  • Deep well plates

    Deep well plates

    ACE Biomedical offers an extensive range of sterile deep well microplates for sensitive biological and drug discovery applications. Deep well microplates are an important class of functional plasticware used for sample preparation, compound storage, mixing, transport and fraction collection. They...
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  • Do Filtered Pipette Tips Really Prevent Cross-Contamination and Aerosols?

    Do Filtered Pipette Tips Really Prevent Cross-Contamination and Aerosols?

    In a laboratory, tough decisions are regularly made to determine how best to conduct critical experiments and testing. Over time, pipette tips have adapted to suit labs across the globe and provide the tools so technicians and scientists have the ability to do important research. This is especial...
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  • Are Ear Thermometers Accurate?

    Are Ear Thermometers Accurate?

    Those infrared ear thermometers that have become so popular with pediatricians and parents are fast and easy to use, but are they accurate? A review of the research suggests they may not be, and while temperature variations are slight, they could make a difference in how a child is treated. Resea...
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